In what Forrester Research has dubbed "The Age of the Customer," reviews affect buying decisions more than virtually any other factor.

Did you know that 86% of people say they read reviews "often" or "very often" before making a buying decision and that 92% of buyers are more likely to purchase a service if they have been able to read a trusted review about it?

Just like you, decision-makers don't trust traditional advertising or client references as much as they trust reviews. Your involvement in a third-party review service like Review My Speaker signals to decision-makers that you support verified, honest reviews of speakers.

And if you book just one speaking engagement as a result of Review My Speaker, it's more than paid for your annual subscription! 


A basic listing is free!

It includes first and last names, credentials and company name.


A full listing is $199/year.

This includes just about everything you could want in a profile listing, including full contact information, social media links, bio, memberships/affiliations, photo/logo, video links, industries/topics you specialize in, fee range, travel expenses and the like.


An enhanced listing is $299/year

This subscription includes everything from the full listing plus:

  • A catch-all box to further support your image as a thought leader (where you can include published blog posts, articles or the like);
  • The ability to reply to client reviews and demonstrate to the community that you're participating in the conversation, thanking reviewers and responding to constructive criticism; and
  • Appear higher and get special visual treatment in all search results.

Facts about online reviews and purchasing decisions

  • 97% of people have read online reviews in the past year
  • 85% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family
  • 90% of happy customers will give a review if asked
  • People read an average of 7 reviews before making a purchasing decision
  • 63% of consumers have written an online review after a positive experience, while 35% have written one after a negative experience
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