• Decision-Makers

    If you’re a decision-maker who hires speakers, please start using this link as part of your usual process for sourcing speakers.

  • Reviewers

    If you’ve hired any speakers within the last two years, please log in and review them here!

  • Bureaus and Agencies

    If you’re a speakers' bureau or some other agency that represents multiple speakers, you can learn more at our "I Represent Speakers" page. Contact us and we’ll get you hooked up with discounted pricing and a special landing page featuring only your speakers, as well as monthly outreach to maximize your listings.

  • Associations with Chapters

    If you’re an association with chapters, and it would be helpful to use the ReviewMySpeaker.com platform as a means of sharing commonly booked speakers among your industry / chapters, let us know — we can help! Learn more through this quick video.


If you’re a speaker, log in and build out your profile. If you’ve not previously logged in at ReviewMySpeaker.com, you can start the process on our "I am a Speaker" page.

Also, don’t forget to invite your clients from the past two years to submit reviews for you! Coaching for how to do that (with some sample templates) is available a bit further down on this page.

Moving forward, it will work best if you share the ReviewMySpeaker.com website with your clients as part of your post-engagement wrap-up and then use your reviews as part of your marketing platform for securing future clients.

Should you experience any negative reviews / constructive criticism, it is a prime opportunity to improve that area of your work. Additionally, we have some thoughts about negative reviews / responding to reviews as you move further down this page.

  • Responding to Reviews

    This is among the best things to do to gain overall positivity toward the speaker and actually helps increase the number of reviews.

    According to Harvard Business Review, when hotels start replying to reviews on TripAdvisor, they receive 12% more reviews and their average star rating increases.  

    Responses should be for the universe of readers, not necessarily a response to the individual giving the review.

  • Getting Reviews

    • Market the opportunity for your clients to give reviews as part of your onboarding/wrap-up process.
    • Review, adapt and adopt our outreach templates (see Soliciting Reviews in next section).
    • 70% of happy customers will give a review, if asked.
    • Feature reviews in communications, social media, brochures and the like.
    • Thank clients/reviewers publicly.
  • Soliciting Reviews

    Whether a post-event debrief call, email or social media post, consider adapting and adopting one of the following communication templates:

    Option 1: Can I ask a little favor? As a supporter of a review site called ReviewMySpeaker.com, could I trouble you for five minutes of your time? Just navigate to ReviewMySpeaker.com and select "Review a Speaker" to get started. It's really quick and simple, plus you'll be helping your peers by providing your valuable insights and experience. 

    Option 2: I’m proud to stand behind ReviewMySpeaker.com to give decision-makers like you the ability to give and read honest, vetted reviews of speakers. I hope you'll reward our commitment to transparency in the speaker selection process by giving honest reviews about the speakers with which you work. Thanks in advance for lending a hand.

  • Incentivized Reviews

    According to FTC regulations, if a review is incentivized by the speaker, the client/reviewer needs to admit that the review was incentivized during the review process.  

    Recent research indicates that incentivizing reviews has a moderating effect on the valence of reviews.

  • Negative Reviews

    • Research shows that a 4 star review is the most trusted.
    • When people see 5 stars across the board, they may assume reviews are fake or that a speaker has tried to game the system.
    • According to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, “a negative review from an external source stimulates a higher level of interest in learning more about the supplier and… a better attitude toward the supplier and greater intentions to purchase from and share about the supplier.”