• Contracting Process

    A mutually favorable speaker agreement was drafted, negotiated and signed timely and without incident.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Speaker Preparation

    Regardless of method (email, phone or video), the speaker acquired fundamental information about the audience, event logistics and learning design/format expectations.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Active Partnership

    The speaker clearly understood the audience's learning needs and was prepared to deliver relevant takeaways that pick up from the audience's current understanding.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Content Customization

    The speaker helped the audience deepen their understanding of the agreed upon topic through personalized information and takeaways, as well as meaningful and relevant practice opportunities. Content was customized based on the desired request of the organization/event, and to the degree discussed and agreed upon in advance.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Effective Takeaways

    The speaker teed up learners to consider how they might apply new information and takeaways to their home/work lives post-event both individually and as part of a team.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Stage Presence

    The speaker possesses the ability to positively command the attention of an audience for the identified session duration.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Visual Aids

    The speaker's materials and visual aids appropriately supported the presentation. Examples include, but are not limited to slide decks, videos, stage decor, promotional items and handouts.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • Evaluation Outcomes

    Completed by session participants, the speaker evaluation indicates learners enjoyed the session, learned something new and are likely to apply session takeaways to their workplace.

    Rate from 1-5 stars (1=low, 5=high).

  • PITA Factor

    Short for "Pain In the A** Factor," a measure of how irritating it was to work with this particular speaker. Please consider the speaker directly, not any booking agent, company or speaker's bureau.

    NOTE: The rating scale is different for PITA Factor than our other 5-star ratings; it is also in the form of flames instead of stars.

    Much like a pain scale, low = good (1 = Not a PITA!) and high = bad (10 = Worst possible PITA!).