Advisory Board

The advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic and ethical advice to the management of Review My Speaker. The term of service is two-years, renewable for two additional terms. 

Advisory board duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Serve as an independent/unbiased sounding board
  • Scrutinize a questionable review submission 
  • Scrutinize a questionable speaker response 
  • Provide feedback on site format
  • Provide feedback on marketing content
  • Share any related developments in the industry 
  • Serve as an advocate within the industry
  • Assist in connecting funding resources 
  • Identify and share prospective speaker leads
  • Identify and request planner reviews
  • Timely respond to communication requests
  • Attend advisory Board meetings, as necessary

Advisory board skills and values should include: 

  • Must possess personal integrity, a developed sense of values, and concern for the reputation of the site
  • The ability to listen, analyze and provide constructive, ethical feedback
  • The willingness to ask hard questions, make tough decisions, share opinions and have openness to differing views
  • Acute awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion issues for both speakers and planners

The advisory board does not have formal authority to govern Review My Speaker. That is, the advisory board cannot issue directives that must be followed. Rather, the advisory board serves to make recommendations and/or provide insights and information to the management of Review My Speaker.

Event Garde

Event Garde logoReview My Speaker is managed by Event Garde, a professional development consulting firm committed to lifelong learning—for ourselves, our community and those who attend the meetings we facilitate—believing in its ability to create well-connected leaders and to foster performance improvement.

The following three pillars guide our work:

  • Learn – We soak up the latest research and trends on learning then incorporate those methods and practices into the resources we share and the meetings we manage.
  • Network – We create intentional networking environments for clients and learners while also belonging to networks and organizations that result in our own growth and development.
  • Transfer – We believe that professional development adds value only if it is transferred through meaningful rehearsal and retrieval exercises and then applied on the job.

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